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My name is Jodi McConkey and I'm running for UCPS Board of Education, District 4. Now let's clear something up right away- I am not a politician. I'm a teacher, and I taught in UCPS for 11 successful years. I'm also the parent of a current Porter Ridge High School student and an adult son with special needs.

Being a teacher helped mold me into the person I am today! I like to see the big picture in order to make decisions that are best for everyone involved, I always try to respect and understand multiple perspectives on the issues, and most importantly as a BOE member, my main objective will always be what's best for our children and their education!

In January, I created UCPS Voices Unsilenced which is a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page where teachers and staff, parents, community members, and even students can submit anonymous statements, many of which they feel they cannot say out loud. Having been a teacher in the trenches myself, I'm very passionate about making sure our teachers and staff are shown the highest respect and dignity! When teachers and staff are happy, that can make a big difference in their interactions with their students, parents, and the entire community. Go check it out!

I can't wait to share with you my thoughts and ideas for our awesome school system! Thank you and I hope to earn your support!