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In the Classroom

  • For 14 years, taught general music classes to preschool through fifth grade students, EC students both mainstreamed and as a combined class, and beginning band small group lessons.


  • Directed 121 unique grade level and chorus performances that not only followed current music standards but also aligned with the students’ academic standards in language arts, math, science, and social studies.


  • Directed an after school chorus as a team effort between myself and the students, allowing them to participate in song selections, creating choreography, and overall preparation for performances.


  • Awarded the LIFT Grant in 2015 (before it was called the LIFT Grant) to create and build a one-of-a-kind percussion instrument using PVC piping, a project in which all students in the school participated. I was honored to be featured in media coverage of the grant as well as on the award poster presented to the following year’s recipients.


  • Successfully received 12 fulfilled Donors Choose projects for classroom instruments such as large drums and xylophones.


  • Awarded a Union County Community Arts Council grant to purchase a classroom set of ukuleles, which was the classroom’s first set of string instruments.


  • Twice awarded grants from the Autism Society of Union County to purchase materials specifically for our EC students.


  • Held fundraisers each year to raise money for new classroom materials and instruments, maintaining a tight budget.


  • Organized fundraisers with the students to benefit Feed the Children and Relay for Life.


At UCPS' Sardis Elementary

  • Participated in professional development sessions in math and language arts.


  • Conducted small group and one-on-one help sessions in math and language arts for students in need.


  • Served as webmaster, building an official UCPS site from scratch by creating engaging pages with helpful resources and valuable school information, while collaborating with UCPS technicians.


  • Created song compilations for teachers and therapists to use as supplements to their lessons.


  • Participated in the organization of the school’s spelling bee and Spanish spelling bee, working with classroom teachers and administration to ensure a smooth and fair experience for all students.


  • Directed the school’s morning broadcast on closed circuit television, providing important information in a fun and exciting way to start the school day off right!


  • Created the school's yearbook in conjunction with the specials team, school staff, and the yearbook publisher.


  • Collaborated on a committee of school staff members to oversee end of the year school-wide awards by evaluating the candidates, interviewing their nominating teachers, and working to decide the winner.


  • Led fundraisers for the entire school community to benefit Relay for Life.


  • Co-led the afternoon car rider line to ensure a smooth and safe departure for our students at the end of the day.


  • Set up all sound equipment when necessary for guests, assemblies, and the like.


  • Created music CDs for use in the cafeteria to aurally signal to students when they were allowed to talk and when silence was expected, using varied styles and genres of music.


  • Assisted the PE teacher with implementing fun and rewarding field days each year.


  • With the specials team, created exciting and motivating pep rallies for PTO fundraisers and EOG preparation.


  • After leaving the classroom, served as a PTO Board member by providing meaningful events, running fundraisers, distributing informational flyers and newsletters, fulfilling staff member requests for classroom supplies, and assisting the school community as a whole.


 In the UCPS Community

  • Served as the chairperson for the school system’s 30 elementary music teachers, representing the best interests of the group to Central Office staff, assistant superintendents, and the superintendent.


  • Booked quality presenters for professional development opportunities for the UCPS elementary music teachers to ensure their teacher certification credits stayed up to date, while working with Central Office staff to stay in budget.


  • Led valuable monthly meetings with the elementary music teachers to discuss current events, new pedagogy, and other topics of interest.


  • Performed for the community 45 times from Fort Mill to Charlotte with Sardis' extracurricular chorus, Sardis Sound!


  • Collaborated with county, city, and town officials with the chorus' participation at the Monroe and Lake Park Christmas Tree Lightings, Stallings Earth Day Festival, Union County and Indian Trail Fourth of July Parades, Monroe Barbeque Festival, the Carowinds Music Festival, and more!


  • Assisted the elementary music teachers with any professional development credit issues that arose, contacting Central Office staff when necessary.


  • Co-chaired the Unison Music Festival for UCPS fifth graders county-wide, with tasks that included budgeting, ordering of materials, creating schedules for both students and teachers, communicating with county-wide participants and UCPS administrators, among many other responsibilities.


  • Chaired the Fred Ingold Music Festival for all UCPS second graders by securing Festival locations, budgeting, communicating with location staff and UCPS administrators, collaborating with Union County Symphony ensembles and directors, and receiving grants from the Union County Community Arts Council, among many other responsibilities.


  • Represented Union County in singing the National Anthem at Charlotte Knights Stadium for almost ten years in a row!


  • Created school newsletters and communications as part of the Porter Ridge Middle School PTO.

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